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Crowea quartz manufacture is a leading fabricator of precision drawn glass tube & rod for over 30 years, serving a diverse group of clients worldwide.

We offer the following superior services:

Fabricated microcapillary glass tubing and fused quartz drawing
• Unparalleled precision and accuracy of inner and outer diameters
• Laser-controlled processes to ensure submicron accuracy
• A variety of specialty shapes and sizes

Manufactured precision bore glass tubing
• Your choice of fused quartz, or specialty glass
• Precise lengths, ground, polished, sealed, chamfered, sandblasted, cerium lapped, or other finishing methods
• Clean, chip-free, and ready to use

Fabricated “one off” design or high volume
• Custom engineered solutions
• Cost effective and innovative designs

Featured collection

Crowea laboratory glassware is made using the highest requirements in heat and chemical stability, and in neutrality to substances contacting them. Areas using this type of labware are: chemistry, petro chemistry, food industry, metallurgy, health service, microbiology, pharmacy, mechanical engineering, educational institutions, medical, and laboratories.