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Customized Quartz Cuvette

Customized Quartz Cuvette

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UV quartz cuvettes are designed to hold samples for spectroscopic experiments. We offer both quartz cuvettes with two polished sides for absorption spectroscopy, and quartz cuvettes with four polished sides for fluorescence spectroscopy.

All our in-stock quartz cuvettes are UV fused quartz cuvettes, suitable for wave length 190nm~2500nm. We can also provide IR fused quartz cuvettes for 250nm~3500nm and Optical glass cuvettes for 340nm~2500nm. Macro, semi-micro and micro sizes are all available. We do many custom orders. Please specify your material and dimension requirements with our sales representative. We will be happy to help you with your specific need.

All our  UV fused quartz cuvettes are made by diffusion bonding method. Quartz is heated to a high temperature and then adhered together by applying pressure. UV quartz cuvettes made in such method have much stronger chemical resistance and better life time than cuvettes made in other way such as being glued together.

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